Not everything should be payed for, somethings are more fun shared.

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    Aikido Quiz
    Aikido Quiz

    Are you a beginner in Aikido or almost a shodan? Than this game is perfect for you.
    Go to to check how good your knowledge about Aikido is.

  • Aikidollar / Aikido-coupon
    Aikidollar / Aikido-coupon

    No clue what you should get your fellow Aikidoka? Download this coupon, color it and fill in what you give to them!

  • Aikido CD
    Aikido CD


    There you are, on the road to France for a long week of Aikido practice with Yamada sensei. You listen to the radio and nothing special is on. So what do you do? Sing yourself, is what these two lovely…

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